happy happy birthday

happy 32nd birthday to this years most improved!

Happy Birthday Kim! This has been a fun year watching Kanye’s dress-up doll step out in outfits that actually look effortless and fun. Let’s admit it though- the “perfect bitch” looks amazing in just about anything!


Im just saying, and I’m sure you will all agree, ever since Jesus Kanye walked into Kim’s closet (and life for that matter), not only does she look better fashion wise, but her true identity is a little more believable. When you become famous from a sex tape, that doesn’t mean that you are a glamourous movie star. But she loved to dress and act like one.


Anyone else notice that Kanye dresses Kim very similar to his X Amber Rose? Also, while watching the above video, I recognize his stylist wearing an ensemble very similar to a fro-yo eating KK pictured below. In unison everyone, “Yeezy taught me”..

Nevertheless, Kanye has not only transformed her look, but he has exposed her true beauty. Not only has Kim’s fashion appeared more natural, but her make-up has too. And to top things off, she looks believably happy- which is always in style!

Happy 32nd Birthday to you Kim! I hope you get everything you wish for today, and we all know what that issss..

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