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Happy Birthday dirty girl…

Happy Birthday to you, Shayne Dahl Lamas Richie!! The wife of Dirty.com blogger, Nik Richie, turns 26 today and as much as I love her, I had to google her age – but that wasn’t all I discovered about this latin mama.

If you know anything about Shayne, or even vaguely recognize her, it is probably because she met and married her current husband all within a few hours. Yes, she was on and won a season of the Bachelor. Yes, she is the daughter and grand-daughter of well known actors. But my fascination with SDLR, as she titled herself, stems from her natural bad-ass attitude and the fact that she is on my secret favorite show – Couples Therapy. She is also rumoured to be starting her own line of sunnies – yay – can’t wait for those.

When this self-proclaimed fashionista isn’t working on her marriage, she spends her time traveling with her family and staring in movies that I never even heard of. The mother of Press Richie also has her own charity – Shayne’s Shoes. According to her self-written bio, she “collects shoes and then sends them to poor villages”… Also known as getting rid of stuff you bought and now don’t want or need..

Happy Birthday, Shayne!! I don’t know exactly why, but I  you!

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