Habitual Moxie

Dying For a Change

I am always experimenting with my hair. Lucky for me it’s resilient (Happy Veterans Day, speaking of). My family tells me I have thick hair, which explains why I could never get a clip to stay in. As a child, I was blessed with, as my mother puts it, “the fastest growing, most beautiful hair in the world.” As a Leo, my hair is my lion’s mane. It represents my personality and my mood. It’s a powerful mess and it gives me confidence that even clothes can’t.

Seeing pictures of myself as a child, my hair appears strawberry blonde. It also appears to be cut in a blunt bob style with bangs – yikes. As I got older and began experimenting with self expression, I realized my hair style could deliver messages without me having to talk. So, I cut it all off. Because I was bored, curious, and had a pair of scissors handy. Yes, my mom wanted to kill me. And just in time for school pictures… I don’t think she even requested prints that year..

After my hair finally grew out to the middle of by back, I never cut it more than it needed to be. Entering my teen years, I began getting highlights. A whole new world…

I went blonde, black, red, and brunette. And with each color change came a new identity. I settled on blonde throughout my 20’s and at 26 I went back to the strawberry blonde bob – minus the bangs, and still kinda long. That was 2 months ago.

11/11 has me craving change. I’m bored with my hair again and am thinking of brightening things up around here. With a ton of inspiration to consider, I’m stuck wondering which direction to take. Any ideas?

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