Habitual Moxie / Moxie♥Music

New Year, Same Obsessions

I am the leather jacket, black glasses, all american bad boy
I own the swagger supermarket an you, you just a bag boy
Cause I got that swag boy, the swag you neva had boy
Hate an I will leave ya chest the color of my flag boy

Uptown – Lil Wayne feat. Drake

happy 2013 people! I hope everybody had a fun and festive night! My 1st post of the New Year goes out to Weezy baby. Not only do I pride myself on being able to recite his songs perfectly, but I support his pride in himself. Whatever he wears, effortless and seems to still ooze head goon of YMCMB. He has helped my love Drizzy Drake and my rap wife Ms.Nicki Minaj come up in their rap game, but what I like most about them, especially Weezy, is their natural born star power.


Happy New Year and to celebrating your habitual moxie – whatever it may be!








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