Habitual Moxie

All is Fair in Love & War

i grow up in a time that ticks like a bomb
count down to the moment that we’re gone
➡mind gone :: numb from the shit that we’ve done ::


so throw a thank you to your administration,
cast a fukking vote next time,
instead of sitting back and watching time fly,
eye for an eye
Till we’re all blind


war presidents leading us into the ground
then the men with the blood on their beards
& the stains of the war they inflict
of the people they slay
c4 strapped to their chests and their brains
explosive times
explosive rain


fire from the gods
fall from the clouds
but the fire is the flesh from the people around
caught up in the midst of their religious fits
f**k your God & the message that you spit
and fuck the truth that you claim that you speak


all of us
this ain’t no fucking topic of the week
this is sleep
this is air
fundamentals of our life
threatening our kids and where they sleep now at night

& i don’t write for the whites or the blacks,
or the blues, the arabs, or the jews
it’s now time to choose
where we’re gonna wake up
and if we’re gonna lose everything we have

i give the fight to you

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