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Time is Money // So I went & bought a Rolex

Everyone love me cos I say whats real..
So I could never give a 💥 how a hater feel.

– Wiz Khalifa, Air Born

Good morning!

So last night I went to see another show at the Comcast Center. B.o.B. started the crowd off, see video above, and got the fire going – so we did what he said.

Some girls just couldn’t handle it. Too much #underTheInfluence apparently….


He killed it though, even running through the arena and taking people’s phones. Thank goodness mine has spikes 😎 #DontTouchMyPhone but feel free to dance with me..

A$AP Rocky is one of my faves so of course he was amazing.

Trinidad James – good but never heard of him..

Future.. I don’t even remember.

And Wiz.. What can I say – a Wiz Khalifa show is never dull..

Overall it was another great night in August.

Summer 13 – I’m feelin it.




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